Sports Leaders

The sports industry is full of challenges, major personalities and team players, surprising outcomes and unexpected failures. It is a sector where the uncertainty of the outcome causes engagement and tension, where there are often many and varied important players. This is why a specialized management class exists, that works to combine athletic, economic and cultural outcomes, applying and combining management and legal skills.

Sports Leaders is a series of events dedicated to athletics, where athletes, coaches and managers from the world of sports, from the present and the past, debate with the Bocconi community. Learning from this world, getting to know its secrets and winning recipes, is the first step towards becoming a leading player as a champion or a manager.

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Reserve Leaders (Sub Captains)

An often-overlooked yet important kind of leader are your Reserve Leaders.Your Reserve Leaders lead the second and third string athletes on your team. Because they don’t play much or receive much outside attention, your reserves can be a very volatile segment of your team. Keep this in mind - too many disgruntled subs can torpedo your team.

Great Reserve Leaders create a sense of pride in their group’s unique role.As an example, national University and Campus Life men’s basketball reserves have even named themselves Hard Steel and have created a cult-like following for their unique contributions to the team. Encourage your Reserve Leaders to develop a sense of positive pride and perspective with their fellow substitutes on your team.

The 3 Kinds of Leaders Every Team Needs to Be Successful

Performance Leaders (Competition Captains)

Performance Leaders are your primary on field leaders. They take charge of your team in practice and competitive settings to focus people. Captains provide the strong vocal leadership necessary to help your team perform to its potential during practices.

Locker Room Leaders (Culture Captains)

Locker Room Leaders serve as the critical creators, champions, and caretakers of your team’s culture. Through their words and deeds on a daily basis, trusted Locker Room Leaders monitor, and maintain your team’s culture.

Organizational Leaders (Campus Captains)

Organizational Leaders get involved in the various clubs and organizations on campus. They represent your team or athletic department on the Student - Athlete Advisory Council, student council, and a variety of other campus related organizations.